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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Is this for real?

I was just going through my chatbox and came across this...

My celebrity-look-alike said "Hi!"....and my mom being a "blur" (translated...not very bright) person didnt even see it until now.

Remember this...

I can't believe she stopped by to say hi...but then maybe someone "posing" as her. Can this happen?

Anyway...i still think it's kinda cool and interesting.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cool Video!!

Hiya all! Mummy came across this cool video at work (read : not doing work but surfing the net...ssshhh!!!)

That dog is so clever. If it was me, I'll be chasing the ball around. Here's one of me doing just that:)

Hope you all enjoyed the video!
I hope you guys didn't get a headache trying to catch me.

ps...did anyone of you recognise the other dog in the video?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tennis ball laucher anyone?

Hiya all!

Was browsing through some vids on-line and came across this.

Mom...can we get one of tennis ball laucher too?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Day at Changi Beach

Hiya all! Sorry this post took so long. Mummy has trouble uploading the vids on youtube. I had a super fantastic time at the beach with Snowball at Changi beach. This is me in my travel bag. We went by a taxi... Upon arrival at Changi beach. Ships come really close to shore at this beach. Look !

Mummy threw a toy out to sea for me to retrieve, but as you can see from the video, she's not a very good thrower.

Snowball's Jie Jie help throws some for me too. She throws much better than Mummy. While I was enjoying myself having two persons throwing my toy for me, Snowball was happy being the beach babe. No need for getting wet and dirty...but her jie jie had other ideas. The reason for us going to the beach is for Snowball to get her swimming exercise. So her jie jie hit on a bright idea! Why not tie Snowball to a tug-boat and she'll be brought out to sea for a swim. tugboat in who do we call?? Chilli!!

Poor Snowball...she looked so tortured! After a few rounds of "torture", Snowball's jie jie changed tactic. She approched the guy with the canoe and asked him to give Snowball a ride out. That guy agreed and so my job as a tugboat ends.

After the swim, we had our baths and here we are...enjoying the sun and the wind. I got a massage thrown in too :) Now this has been the best day of my life so far in 2008. Looking forward to greater times ahead :)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

My new LOVE and HATE relationship

Hiya everydoggie! Thanks for all the kind comments regarding my family situation. Things are better now. We're taking things one day at a time. And since I've been such a good doggie (ehh..hrm :)) mummy is giving me a chance to blog!

And so I shall introduce you to my new love.....

Pig Tendons!!!

Mummy went shopping for Chinese New Year goodies (ya...I know...CNY is long over :P) and bought me these! They are delicious! She wanted to buy me deer tendons like to ones Jaffe and Kaylie has but the ones she saw are HUGE!!! (not that I mind!!) So she got me these instead. It's nice and chewy!!! Have any of you tried these??

And now for the HATE part. Mummy visited her aunty and came back with a NASTY "ang-pow" from my doggie cousin. FYI..."ang-pow" translated means red-packet..given during CNY for good luck. But this was no good-luck present for me. It's a...
Stoopid victoria collar!!!

Mummy's cousin bought it for her dog (who's also a JRT) but it was too small. So mummy's cousin decided to pass it to mummy and guess what?!? it fits!?!!

GRRR!!! I hate it!!! And now mummy uses it on me ALLL THE TIME!!!! (Mummy: Eh..not all the time. Only when you are caught chewing on your paws!) Oppsie! yup...I've got this horrid habit of chewing my paws and mummy hates this. So now with this stoopid collar, I can't chew my paw anymore....sigh. Does anyone out there got a plan of how I can get the collar off without mummy knowing? Can somebody come rescue me...pleezz...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Helloooo!!! (after such a looooong time)

Hiya everydoggie! How have you guys and gals been? Mummy have been so busy these few months that she hasn't allowed me to blog AT ALL!! I only get to see my friend Snowball and that also is just once in two weeks or more. I can count the number of times we've met on one paw! Sigh...I'm such a sad sad dog. 

But I have to be fair to mummy...lots of stuff have been happening in her life. She lost a good friend late last year...shook her up a bit cuz this friend was just a year older than her. And then there was a new baby niece to play jealous. But baby niece is really nice. She's not at all bothered by my loud barking! :) And just recently, her sister is now facing some really very difficult situation in life. Mummy has to be there for her so I wont be getting much chance to blog. 

I really miss you guys so much. Mummy misses you all too. She loves reading your blogs as much as I do but time isnt really on our side now. We really hope you all understand and please do continue to drop by once in a while. I'll try to be a really really good dog at all times so that mummy will continue to let me blog.

Mummy has assured me that I'll not be abandoned even in these tough times. She will still take me out for long runs at the field and give me tummy rubs. These tummy rubs not only is loved by me but it calms her feelings down and she doesnt feel as sad. 

Looking forward to brighter hope ahead! 

Monday, September 24, 2007

Asta's Barkday Pawty

I'm so excited! Asta from New Yowk is holding a cowboy pawty and I begged mommy to let me go! But mommy said that I can't go bcuz I dont have a cowboy/girl costume. I already missed going to Penny & Lola's disco pawty and now....

I AM NOT gonna miss this pawty for anything in the world!! Sigh....wat am I gonna do??

Then...I came up with a brilliant idea!!! I will go as a can-can girl!

Alrite!!! Now I'm weady to pawty!!! I hope I wont fowget my steps for the dance :)

Stanley...can I pleez get a wide fwom youw GoobewStan Pawty Bus! New Yowk! New Yowk hewe I come!