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Monday, June 25, 2007

C_ _ _ _ _ S

Hiya all

Guess what are these?

Here's another look..

Can you guess? They are cookies. Super delicious home-made cookies. Made by Jie Jie Ann...Snowball's Jie Jie. It's even made in the shape of Maltese. It's flavour is Apple and Cinnamon. It was given to me sometime back and I already finished them. Wanted to post about them earlier but mom was too busy so didn't get a chance to do it.

Truth be told...Mommy was so inspired by these cookies, she has even gone on to make liver flavoured ones. She meet up with Jie Jie Ann and made liver flavour ones. These were super delicious too. Now Mommy is looking out for a bone-shaped cookie cutter and she's gonna make somemore cookies. I'm gonna turn into a Cookie Monster! Hiak..hiak...hiak...


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Chipmunks in Mommy's Laptop

Oh no! Something is wrong wif mommy's laptop. Today when she tried to listen to some music on it, it sounded like chipmunks know like the chipmunks from Chip & Dale.
Has anybody out there experience this before? Does it mean that the speaker has been eaten by chipmunks?? can this happen to mommy's laptop??

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Birth of Ham Ham Jr...the Bootiful Butterfly

Hiya all!

Let's take another look at Ham Ham Jr
It's almost time...look at how translucent he's become...

And the next morning...
More translucent than ever. Mummy decided to bring Ham Ham Jr to work. She felt that it's almost time and she wanted to capture the moment...

Mummy takes over from here :

While on the MRT train (subway) I kept a close eye on Ham Ham Jr. But nothing happen. So I decided to take a nap. Woke up as we entered the tunnel and I saw Ham Ham was bursting forth from the cocoon. Tried to take a video but lighting was bad in the tunnel and I cldnt get the camera to focus....Arghh!!! And of all things. The card read FULL!!! Sorry picture of the actual "birth"

Waiting until reach the interchange and switch the card. Now for more pix...
First pix

Look at the crumpled wings....

Tummy Tag!!!

Another pix in the connecting train

A pix took by accident but take a look at the advertisement panel at the back. A strange coincident

Walking toward park near my office...

Arrived at the park. Ham Ham Jr waiting for its release

First release...

Opening wings...

Flight checking...

Full back view

It took quite a long time to dry it's wings. Check out this video. Sorry for the shaking. I was nervous yet awestruck by the beauty.

And for the final released...

Good-bye Ham Ham Jr. May you have a beautiful week ahead!

Back to Chilli:

Isnt he/she a beauty. Did you see the color of the wings?? So wonderful!! I was sad cuz I didnt get to say goodbye yet happy that mummy took so many pix of Ham Ham Jr so that I can have many bootiful memories of him/her :)

Wuff Chilli

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Double Happiness

Today's happenings can be summarize as'm not getting married. (FYI : This Chinese word is usually used during weddings)

It's because I was given soooooo much treats. First grandma feed me favourite not once but TWICE!!! Once in the morning and one more time in the evening.

And then mummy gave me ice-cream!! Two kinds!!! One was Frosty Paw (Recipe courtesy of The Dogs of Jackman Ave)




Jie Jie Ann and Mummy had ice-cream for themselves too but look at what a greedy girl i was...

Please Sir...can I have more??

And...guess what? Mummy gave in to me...

But as I was biting the ice-cream instead of licking it mummy had to put the ice-cream far far away from me. So now I had no choice but to stick my tongue out to to lick instead :)

Then when it came to the cone

What a mess!!

Say goodbye to the last bit...

It was the best tasting ice-cream I had. What more it was made of soy milk and it's low in sugar and fat.

Even Snowball enjoyed this ice-cream

Now this is what I call a terrierific day!! I hope I'll get more of these kinda days. Don't you?

Wuff Wuff

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lost & Found

A few mornings back I work up and discovered this...
and this

Ham Ham Jr as my pet is known as went missing again! He got cater-napped!! Mommy immediately call my Aunty Jen and found out she was the "culprit" :)

She took Ham Ham Jr for Show & Tell. She was doing a presentation for a group of Secondary (Junior High) students and she wanted to use Ham Ham Jr to bring out a point. And he was a hit. I'm so proud of him. Just a few days old and already a hit. Hee...Hee...

He's now back home safely. He's got a new home. The container is now transparent so it's easier for me to take a pix of him. He's still a cacoon.

Shhh...Ham Ham Jr needs his sleep...

Come back soon for more updates

Wuff Wuff


Friday, June 01, 2007

Celebrity Look-A-Like

Hiya all! I've been tagged by Casper & Pals. Gotta show a pix of celebrity that I looked like. Took me quite some time cuz my face is one of a kind (Mom: ahem..ahemm..Self-praise=international disgrace)

Hee...hee...okay. Enough of praising myself. Now to the pix...

i think I look abit like this:

Her name is Ellen Muth.

Now compared to this:

How we look alike
a. We both have a hood on.
b. We both have mysterious smiles
c. We both are girls :)

This is the closest I can find. Quite a challenge.

And now it's time to tag my new furrenz Janie the Panie & Precious the Silky Terrier