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Monday, September 24, 2007

Asta's Barkday Pawty

I'm so excited! Asta from New Yowk is holding a cowboy pawty and I begged mommy to let me go! But mommy said that I can't go bcuz I dont have a cowboy/girl costume. I already missed going to Penny & Lola's disco pawty and now....

I AM NOT gonna miss this pawty for anything in the world!! Sigh....wat am I gonna do??

Then...I came up with a brilliant idea!!! I will go as a can-can girl!

Alrite!!! Now I'm weady to pawty!!! I hope I wont fowget my steps for the dance :)

Stanley...can I pleez get a wide fwom youw GoobewStan Pawty Bus! New Yowk! New Yowk hewe I come!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Talk like a Pirate Day

Ahoy there me mateys! I juz found out that yesterday It's Talk like a Pirate Day!

Did any of you doggies know of such a day?

So today I'm gonna dress up like a pirate...hiak...hiak...

Did any of your homans celebrate this day too? I ne'er heard of it being celebrate in Singapaw!

Alrighty me matey! i be going now..Arrrr!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Big Thank You!!!

Hiya everydoggie and GG

I wanna say a big thankyou for making my pawty a huge success! A special thanks to Asta & Stanley for bring the cake and the champagne! If I may speak for all the guest present...that is one of the best tasting cake and champagne we ever had!

Sorry for the delay in posting the "group photo" I was poofed after all that volleyball and wallymelons and bones and cake and champagne.

As while we were away pawtying...guess what happened! My bestest present came!!!

My aunty J gave birth! She had a girl human pup!! Isnt that pawsome! Now I'll have someone to share my big day with. And when human pup grows older, I'll have another playmate and not to mention all the cake I'll get when she celebrates her birthday!! hiak...hiak... I'll post the pix of the human pup later.

And now presenting....

Can you see yourself in the pix. I hope everyone had as much fun as I had.

And for more pictures of the fun...head on down to Bernard's He took some fabulous pictures of the pawty! Thanks Bernard!

And Snowball...I'll post the pix of our pawty once mommy figures out the video camera :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beach Pawty!! Here I come

Hiya everydoggie & GG
The beach is ready. I've got the volleyball pit prepared. Wally melons are ready. And I've even got a treasure chest of bones.
So come on down and PAWTY!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Time to PAWTY!!!!

Hiya everydoggie & GG

I'm all better already!'s time to Pawty!!!

It's my adoption day this Saturday and what better way to celebwate than to go the the beach and have some fun. It'll be the sun, the sand and the sea!!! with lots of treasures to dig, coconut juice, wallymelons....and beach balls!!!

So come dressed or not...hiak...hiak...and join me for my pawty!!

Woo Hoo!!!

P(ee)S...some friends have asked if they can come au naturel...of course you may. It is our own private beach...we can do anything we want. We do not even have the muzzle rule. So...all big dogs can come too! ...see ya all!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Tag : 5 Questions

Hiya everydoggie & GG

I'm back! My poop is back to normal already but I still have to finish my meds cuz they are antibiotics. Eww! How I hate them!

Anyway...horrid meds aside. I owe Casper a big big apology. He tagged me some time back to do the 5 questions abt me and I've not done it until now. So here are my answers to the questions.

1. Where is your favorite place to sleep?

I sleep in my playpen on a piece of soft cloth. If it's too hot I prefer the floor. Sometimes...I sleep a bit of both. See..

Mommy is not able to capture me fast asleep cuz each time she steps near even on tiptoes I can hear her and my eyes pop open...hee..hee...

2. Is there any specific trick your human makes you do to get treats?


She makes me balance my treat on my nose...

And then she shots me...and makes me do a "high-ten"

She also makes me catch them in mid-air

But I do like to do tricks cuz I get yummy liver treats! :)

3. If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all what would you do and with whom?

I've got too many things which I would like to do...cant just do one thing the entire day...hee..heee...So I'll start the day by going swimming with Snowball...

Then I'll move on to going to the petcafe with Snowball...

Then I'll go to my private field and play fetch...

And end the day by just running up and down the corridor of my house


p(ee)s...the running in the corridor video is done in the morning cuz it would have been too dark to do a night shot :)

Whew...that was a whole lot of videos :)

4. What is your favorite toy?

It used to be the frisbee you see in the swimming video. But I've totally destroyed it. Now it's my blue ball. I like stuffies too! But they dont last very long around me..hiak...hiak...

5. If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?

This is more like mommy's answer...but I wish I could have been adopted much earlier in my life. By the time mommy adopted me I've been with two other families and I think part of my bad behavior with other dogs could have stemmed from the insecurities I felt. I dont like other dogs to come too near to me and sniff at me. Mummy's trying very hard to socialise me more but I guess it takes a lot of time.

Okie dokie...done! I think most doggies have been tagged with these questions but if any doggie wants to do this...please do and let me know. Then I can come visit :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Update on Chilli

Hiya all.

This morning when I woke up, I saw that Chilli has done it again. This time even her bed was soiled! I was too worried and did not have the heart to scold her. I cleared up the mess again and gave her a bit of her breakfast. Just dry kibbles and nothing else. After that I walked her and again her poopoo was watery.

I decided to bring her to a vet nearby instead of her usual vet. But when we got there I realised they only open at 12.30 and consultation was strictly on appointment basis!!! ARRGHH!!! (it was 10.30 at that time) I chose to take the risk and bring her to the usual vet....I was afraid she might soil herself again in the cab but I had no choice. Thankfully she was okay and there were no opps!

I'll let her take over from here..

Hiya everydoggie & GG

When I got to the vet, I had to wait for my turn cuz mummy did not make any appointment ahead. I saw a dog there that looked a lot like Herbie. He even had the same lying down like Herbie. Too bad mommy didnt have her camera with her so no pix.

Soon it was my turn, mummy told the vet about my diarrhea. The vet asked if I was refusing food...nope!. Vomitting...nope. It was just runny watery stinky poop! The doctor dissappear to the back room and appear with a rectal thermometer!!!! and a muzzle!!! (mommy had warned her about my snapping problem) No mommy...what's the doctor trying to do. Get her out of my butt! My butt belongs only to me!!! MOLEST!!! But my protest fell on deaf ears. Vet took my temperature and told mom I had a slight fever.

Then the vet dissapppear to the back room again. I told's our chance. Let's get out of here before the vet comes back. But mom was again hard of hearing. She ignored my pleas and would not even take the muzzle off! The vet appeared again and this time with not one but two!! sharp pointy things!!!! The vet told mommy to hold me tight and this time mommy heard her. What's wrong with this woman! First she dont hear my pleas and when the doctor speaks she hears!!

Anyway, she held me tight but when the doctor tried to poke me with the sharp pointy things! I fought back and kicked mommy real hard. (Mummy: yup...she gave me a blue-black on my chest...ouch!) The vet told mommy she'll get somebody else to hold me and took me to the back room. Another vet attendant took me and before I could protest further...I was jabbed not once but twice!! Ouch...double ouch! The vet took me back to mommy and the appointment was over.

Vet said I had gut infection and gave me two kind of antibiotics and something
else to harden up the stool. I also had to "fast" until evening. Just now mommy feed me my dinner and I was okay. I even went down for a walk and met up with Snowball! Snowball's jie jie gave me a new toy which I promptly destroyed in less than 5 minutes...hee..hee...the Chilli everyone knows is back!!

Thanks everyone for all the concern shown!

p(ee)s...about apples...grandma only feed me cut-up seed...and it's only a sixth of an apple. So the vet dont think apples was the cause. So I still can have apples but only after I finish my medication and my stool is back to normal :)

Chilli is sick sick

Hi all....this is Chilli's mummy speaking. Chilli is not feeling so good. I came home from work and my parents reported to me that Chilli has the runs. They've cleared up the mess and when I took a look at Chilli, she seem fine...just a little embarrassed cuz she hates it when we talk about her "opps" situations.

But less than half an hour later, she did it again. She pooped very watery stinky stool. There were bits of apples which my mom feed her earlier in the day but i did not see anything else that was unusual. I cleared up the mess and gave her a clean bed too. After that I called Chilli over and gave her a good look over and a massage. She felt fine, her nose was still wet and she didnt feel feverish.

I gave her water to drink but she didnt seem interested in it, so I let her be. Then close to two hours later, she got up from her sleep and drank some water. She went back to sleep after that. As I was still quite worried about her, I decided to stay up a little later to monitor her situation and log on to check up some blogs. Then it happened again. She pooped stinky poop and there were still apple bits in it. She has been eating apples all this while and my parents only give her good ones so I dont know what's happening! I've cleared up the mess and now she's now asleep.

I'll have to bring her to the vet tomorrow. It's now 2am in Singapore. Please keep her in your thoughts and I'll keep you all updated tomorrow.


Chilli's mom