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Sunday, May 27, 2007

*A New Pet_Part 2*

The caterpillar has pupate! It was already a pretty fat caterpillar when we found it. Yesterday it ate some of the leaves we left on the branch for it and has pupate. Check out this pix:
We looked at the container and discovered this:

Here are somemore photos:

And a close up - not very clear. I cant get the digital camera to do a clear close up pix:

This is so exciting. So now it's a waiting game. Will keep you guys updated.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

7 Random Facts!

Hi all...I've been tagged by Ronin the Pug
First of all the rules! Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs that are tagged need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a message that they have been tagged and to read your blog!!! we go:

1. I'm an adopted dog. My mummy found me through her friends.
2. I have a totally white body with the exception of three brown spots on my back.
3. I love apples to the max. And I love cool-cumbers too!
4. I totally hate taking baths.
5. I drive my mummy crazy by barking loudly at the slightest the middle of the night
6. I love Boo!
7. And....I've never been to Boston in the Fall!!! (Go check out Veggie-Tales. They are the coolest cartoons.)

So there you have it...7 random facts about me. So now I tag Princess Snowball, Cassanova Boo, Amber, The dogs of Jackman Ave, Luckie the Dachie and Bella. Whew...what a list. All great dogs to be friends with.


A New Pet

Today mummy & I made a "new" discovery...

Upon closer inspection it was some poo poo...caterpillar's poo poo! And then mommy decided to look for the caterpillar. And found...

Mommy decided to put it into a container. Here's me being a busybody:

Upon closer inspection:

A big fat caterpillar!

Mom can I have this as my pet?

Mom said yes. very own pet. I'm gonna feed it and watch it grow. Come back later for more updates:


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weird or Funny Situations You've Been It.

Hiya all

It's time to play tag again.

This time the rule of the game is to show a pix of yourself in a funny or weird situation.

This is me in Weird Situation #1

Mummy bought this container to contain my treats, toys and kibbles. She thought it would be funny to put me in it for a pix :)

Then there is this Weird Situation #2

Mummy and I were shopping in the pet supermarket when mum came across this backpack thingy to contain us pups when we go hiking.

So what kinda weird or funny situations you've been in? I now tag Snowball, Peanut and Asta.

And a special tag goes out to Boo!

Wet licks

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bath Time Horror!

Ha...ha... I was reading through my favourite comic and came across this:

How many of you suffer from this horror? I for one do! I hate my baths. I cant stand them. I wonder why mummy force us to have it all the time!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Amazing wolves!!

I was checking out DWB and I came across the blog by Raisa the Husky! She shared an amazing video with wolves in it. The picture of the wolf looks exactly like the picture on my pack of kibbles. They are such magnificent animals. So I wanna share the video with you too!

What you eh

Hey Raisa! I've tummy-tagged you too! Come join in the fun

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Prizes...from a long time back

Remember the time when I say I'll post the pix of my prize...I didn't forget...mummy did..hee...hee... The event is linked here :

So here it is...and the third prize goes to...Chilli (Mom: Chilli the Silly Billy...hiak hiak) I won a big hamper for just doing what I like to do...catching balls!

Look! It's even bigger than me :) In it were some toys, snacks and a big bag of kibbles.

Mummy says the kibbles she will give away to the's good kibbles juz that it's not the brand I alwiz eat. That way I can do my part for charity too :). The best part I like about the prize is the soft toy! See the penguin in the front of the hamper :) It makes all kinda of funny noise when shaken and I go crazy just playing with it.

Gotta go...muz brush up on my ball catching skills :0)

Tummy tag

Haha...I've been tagged by Snowball. So it's tummy time! A tummy up taken sometime back...

I look super "dead" in this pix. This is bcuz I had a super long off-leash session at the park and I got to play with my favourite rubber ball for the longest time.

But Snowball...I dunno who can I tag leh...I dont have much friends yet cuz I "went away" for long. Can introduce some of your friends to me...esp Boo (wink...wink...)

Additional comments:)

I've now tagged Snap, Cheater & Norman. Hey guys...hope to see you tummy really really soon!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mistaken for a pig!?!?!

Once when granddad was walking me...a man came up from behind him and remarked "Is this a pig or a dog?"

I'm like "WHAT!!!! I'm no pig!!!" How dare he call me a pig...which part of me looks like one? So angry!!! That man must have never seen a pig in his entire life!

When granddad got home...he told mommy this and mommy juz laughed it off. So hurting! But mommy quickly apologize and agreed with me that no part and I repeat no part of me looks like one!

Haiyoh...humans! what will they think of next

Ah...Finally I'm Back


I'm back. Mommy finally decided that it's more fun for me to start blogging again. I did keep a diary for the time I was away from blogger so please refer to for the missing parts of my life. It's oso now linked under archives...i'm one smart cookie :)

If any pups out there are on dogster too please add me as your pup pal otay? I love to have a mixture of pups as frenz.