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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Allowing Pets on MRT Stations/Trains

Hiya all...just came from Billiejean's blog and saw this.

LTA Survey

It's a survey conducted by LTA (For our foreign friend : LTA is the Land Transport Authority).

Please take a moment to fill up the survey. It takes less than 1 minute. Let's keep our paws cross that the decision will be in our favour!

Hurry! The survey ends 31 August 2007.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hide & Seek

Hiya all,

During one of my swim outing, my toy decided to play hide and seek with me. See what I mean?

I looked and I looked...

And finally...

Gotcha! Did you guess what it was before the ball came out?

I hope all doggies and Girl Girl out there are having a great weekend!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

More Kookies!!!

Hiya all! Remember my last post about kookies? Well...mummy decided to make some again on her own.

She combined two ideas together and came up with this.

I'm gonna call them Hearty Bites. It was deliciooous!

Mummy was happy that even Snowball ate a bit of the kookies. It made it to the "Snowball Standard of Edible Food". Please dont get me wrong....I'm not saying that Snowball is a fussy eater. She does have very good standard when it comes to food. It must be of the bestest quality or she would not have anything to do with it. After all she is a Princess...hee...hee..

The recipie goes something like this.

1 cup oatmeal (blend till fine)

1.25 cups flour (plain)
1 lbs liver (chicken)
1 sprig of parsley
3 cloves of garlic (chopped)
1 egg

a) Mix the flour and oatmeal together in a large bowl. Set aside.
b) Stir fry the chicken liver with garlic and a little oil. Let cool.
c) Once liver is cool, throw into blender together with the parsley.
d) Crack in the egg and wheez till it becomes a pulpy mesh. (Mummy : It smells very bad here)
e) Pour out the pulpy mesh into the flour/oatmeal mixture and stir together til it holds. Dont worry if its a bit wet. Once the oatmeal soaks up the liquid it'll dry up.
f) Roll out on floured board or if you're mummmy, just pat it flat with palm of hand and cut out using favourite shapes.

g) And now it's time to bake these beauties. Temperature used is 180c and bake it for about 20mins

h) Let cookies cool down. Heat up the oven again, once oven heated up, turn off the power, place cookies back into oven, close door and let it sit for abt 12 hours. This will allow the cookies to dry thoroughly.

I hope the recipe instruction is clear enough. It's ymmydelicious. I can go for more than 5 at one go. Slurp!!!

Mummy's note: Don't let our pups have too many at one go or it may result in runny stool...ewww!! :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pressies and Treats

The other day at the Pawty I got a present from the Birthday Boys. See...

So nice of the birthday boys to give us pressies on their birthday. Thanks Huskee & Boy.

I was so excited...I kept smelling it..

Open it mummy...what's inside??

Inside there were kookies and this!

Look! I'm a unicorn...hiak...hiak...

I lurve the jelly. It tasted so good I finished in in two gulps. Sorry I couldnt eat any more lady like than this...hee..heee....

Thanks so much for the presents Birthday Boys. I hope you all had as much fun as I did at the Pawty. Sorry if I didnt stop long enough to say hi to everyone. There were so many of you and I got a little too shy.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The National Day Doggie Pawty!

Hello everydoggie and GG

Happy National Day to all Singapawreans out there! It's been one year since my horrible experience. See my other entry.


But is the best experience for me. I got to pawty with many of my friends from DWB.

Here are some pix from the pawty. Sorry some of the photos are pretty blur. We were all too excited and was too fast for mummy.

Since it was National Day, Snowball shared that she should were her army jumpers. Isn't she a beauty?

Here's me checking out GirlGirl the CKC from BooBoo's family

And here are some of the other dogs I met:
There was Miss Reina.
Isn't she a cutie.

and then this is Luckie Girl
Sorry the pix is blurred.

I also got to meet BooBoo...the dog with the pearlie whites that Snowball was gushing about. He's the perfect gentleman

Some more cuties
Baby & Chiyo.

And of course not forgetting Precious.

Precious even shared a tip on the Britney Spears lookalike pose. Here's us practicing for the pose...

Did I pass?

Mummy ordered "Chicken Roulade" for me. It was yummylicious!

The best part of the pawty is we got to celebrate not one but two!! birthday boys. They are Huskee and Boy!

See the beatiful cake. It looks so delicious...can I have a piece please..

Yummy cake! Precious and me enjoying our cake!

Our humans tried to take a group photo of us but it proved to be challenging. See what I mean...

I hope some other pawtographers did better than mummy....

After dinner and cake it's time to head home. Just as we stepped out of the restaurant, we heard booming sounds coming out of nowhere. Fireworks someone shouted. We walked towards the sound and saw this...

What a great ending to a perfect outing.

Good nite!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pikture Puzzle : The Results

Hiya all!

Remember to Pikture Puzzle I posted a few weeks back. Well...the results are in. In total, there were only 5 pawticipates. Oh dear...I think I've posted a really really tough one. I think I must get some advice from Snowball regarding future contests.

Many thanks to the following who pawticipate : Precious, River, Lorenza, Toffee and Jake. But sadly...none of it was correct. Waaaahhhh!!! Sorry to disappoint you guys and gals. It was a really tough one. See what I mean

It's actually a "Light-up Dental Mirror" Mummy was using it one day and when I discovered the strange light, I got pretty excited over it. It's like a different kind of laser light game.

Another closer look :

Well...I hope you guys had fun guessing. I pawmise if I ever conduct a contest again, it must be something simpler and related to dogs.

Friday, August 03, 2007

My very own Scratch and Win!!

Hi all! This is fun! Mummy loves to do the scratch and win contest! And now I have my very own.....

Of course there's a prize...the prize is to see my bootiful face...hiak...hiak...

Have fun!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Airedale Rescue of North Texas Photo Contest: Chilli's - Here for the PAWTY

Airedale Rescue of North Texas Photo Contest: Chilli's - Here for the PAWTY

Hi there everydoggie and GG!

In memory of Oscar the Airedale, I decide to do my part in helping the Airedale Rescue of North Texas. I dont get to see many Airedales in Singapore so I'm turning to the next best option to remember Oscar. I hope it's all right with Oscar's mummy and daddy. I think Airedales are one of the most beautiful creatures that God has created!

So everydoggie and GG...come on, it's still not too late do submit your photos.

Ice-cream licks