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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Helloooo!!! (after such a looooong time)

Hiya everydoggie! How have you guys and gals been? Mummy have been so busy these few months that she hasn't allowed me to blog AT ALL!! I only get to see my friend Snowball and that also is just once in two weeks or more. I can count the number of times we've met on one paw! Sigh...I'm such a sad sad dog. 

But I have to be fair to mummy...lots of stuff have been happening in her life. She lost a good friend late last year...shook her up a bit cuz this friend was just a year older than her. And then there was a new baby niece to play jealous. But baby niece is really nice. She's not at all bothered by my loud barking! :) And just recently, her sister is now facing some really very difficult situation in life. Mummy has to be there for her so I wont be getting much chance to blog. 

I really miss you guys so much. Mummy misses you all too. She loves reading your blogs as much as I do but time isnt really on our side now. We really hope you all understand and please do continue to drop by once in a while. I'll try to be a really really good dog at all times so that mummy will continue to let me blog.

Mummy has assured me that I'll not be abandoned even in these tough times. She will still take me out for long runs at the field and give me tummy rubs. These tummy rubs not only is loved by me but it calms her feelings down and she doesnt feel as sad. 

Looking forward to brighter hope ahead!