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Monday, December 19, 2005

PLC event

Hi Hi...I'm back!!

Mummy did bring me out to the PLC event. She came back from work...went to check out the place first. Saw that there was a "ball-catching" competition at 2pm. It was already 1.45pm at that time.

She rushed home, got me ready and went back to EastPoint. When we got there, the competition has already started. But mummy tried her luck and found out that I could participate!!

YEAH!! but...she didn't bring any ball for me to catch. So...she borrowed a ball from someone and manage to get me in.

I passed the first round without a hitch..ha..ha...I'm good at this.

Second round...mummy had to stand further..and throw the ball. I got a little too excited and bounced forward slightly and caught the ball. Opps!!. But when the MC asked the crowd if I passed the test...everyone says YES!!! Thank you you lots.

And now the crucial bit...only three of us left. A cross-breed, a schnauzer and me! Out of 5 throws, we are to compete who can catch the most. And I caught none!! so paiseh! Dupont..the cross-breed caught all 5 throws!! I was too excited for Dupont so I didn't see how many did Whisky the schnauzer catch..but the final score was...

First prize...DUPONT!! Second prize...WHISKY and Third prize (drumroll pleaze)...CHILLI..tat's me!!

Mummy doesn't have the camera now. Will post pix soon.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Power Outing!!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Tomorrow got "power" outing. Got two different events mummy wants to bring me to.

The PLC event at Eastpoint. And a Mini Pet fair at Tampines. So exciting!!

I must behave myself and make sure I don't make mummy mad. Then she surely will bring me out. And must also keep my paws crossed. Just now watching the forecast says rain!!. Please God...don't let it rain. Mebbe just rain at night :)

I leave you now with my fav sleeping position....


Chilli says....

Now it's my turn!'s been more than 4 years since I came to live with the Teh family. They love me to bits especially Jean's mummy. She spoilts me lots.

I just need to give a little whine and she'll ask "Chilli...wat you want?" Then I'll either look in the direction of the kitchen...and she'll give me apples! MMMmmm!!! my favourite. Or else I'll look in the direction of the storeroom..where all my toys are kept and she'll fetch me my bone-bone (a rope bone) or my ball-ball. Ha..ha...I'm the best Slave Driver in the WORLD!!! Muah..ha..ha..

I love playing! If my mummy doesn't bring my toy out when we go to the park, I'll go find myself a it an empty plastic bottle or tin can, I'll turn it into a toy.

Mummy usually brings me out during the weekends, when she doesn't need to work. I'll get very excited and will practically drag her to the open field. I'm a very "kuai" (obedient) dog. So once in the open field, I can go off-leash cuz I "come" when mummy calls me. I can go on and play fetch for ages. But of course mummy wouldn't let me. She alwiz stops when she sees me panting hard. I wonder why....

On other days, it's just be a short walk and then back home to do "shuttle-run" up and down the corridor. My fav activity too! I'll just carry my stick and run up and down the corridor. Kinda like a craze dog...but I like the feel of the wind in my face and my ears will flap up and down. Kawaiii rite??

More about Chilli

Chilli oso fondly known as Chiili Dog...came into my life when she was abt 1+. I got her as a present for passing my exams. Been bugging my mom to allow us to have a dog but she always says no. Cuz that time still studying so no time to look after a dog. Singapore oso so garden, difficult to keep a dog. Not like back in Malaysia, got garden for dog to run about.

Anyway...she finally gave in and say if I pass my exams I can have a dog. About a week before results were out, I visited a friend and saw Chilli. She was in "foster-care". It belonged to my friend's nephew but because of some family problems they couldn't keep the dog. My friend and the family themselve have a dog but Chilli didn't get along with her. So when I commented I liked Chilli...they say I could have her! cut the whole long story short, I passed my exams and Chilli came to live with us. Here's the first picture taken at our place

She looks happy doesn't she?

She's a super pampered dog...loves to be "sayang" all the time. Loves to play with balls. Can play fetch really well. And the neatest trick is to "Stay" for food.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

And now about Chilli

Chilli is my beloved pet dog. I can consider her my very first pet dog. We used to have dogs back home in Malaysia, but those were either strays or dogs that were kept by my parents. She's my very own! Although she's loved by everyone in the family. :)

She's a JRT...with pricked ears. Her full name....Chilli Apple Teh Niau Niau. Apple...cause she loves them. and Niau niau...cause she's a super peeing machine. (Chilli..."Mom....why you go annouce to whole world about my embarrasing fact!!!....hmmph!!!)

Here's her pix

This was taken after a swim at East Coast Park. More abt her and me later. Gotta go walk her soon.

Me...a Blogger??

Ha...Ha...I finally jumped on the bandwagon and got meself a blog.

I dunno much abt blogging but after reading a few blogs and seeing even doggies have their own, I decided to try one myself!

The most is if I get bored with it, I can easily close it down :)