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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mistaken for a pig!?!?!

Once when granddad was walking me...a man came up from behind him and remarked "Is this a pig or a dog?"

I'm like "WHAT!!!! I'm no pig!!!" How dare he call me a pig...which part of me looks like one? So angry!!! That man must have never seen a pig in his entire life!

When granddad got home...he told mommy this and mommy juz laughed it off. So hurting! But mommy quickly apologize and agreed with me that no part and I repeat no part of me looks like one!

Haiyoh...humans! what will they think of next


Snowball said...

Hahaha... Chilli the Pig in dog skin. Can I start calling you that?

Chilli the Dog said... I'm a proper dog...and am no pig.

Snowball said...

I have tagged you. The rule of the game is for you to show pictures of you sleeping with your belly up and to complete the game, you will have to tag 3 other doggie friends to do the same... Hope to see your tummy soon...

Peanut said...

You look nothing like a pig.

Chilli the Dog said...

Hiya Peanut!

Thanks for the assurance :)