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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Update on Chilli

Hiya all.

This morning when I woke up, I saw that Chilli has done it again. This time even her bed was soiled! I was too worried and did not have the heart to scold her. I cleared up the mess again and gave her a bit of her breakfast. Just dry kibbles and nothing else. After that I walked her and again her poopoo was watery.

I decided to bring her to a vet nearby instead of her usual vet. But when we got there I realised they only open at 12.30 and consultation was strictly on appointment basis!!! ARRGHH!!! (it was 10.30 at that time) I chose to take the risk and bring her to the usual vet....I was afraid she might soil herself again in the cab but I had no choice. Thankfully she was okay and there were no opps!

I'll let her take over from here..

Hiya everydoggie & GG

When I got to the vet, I had to wait for my turn cuz mummy did not make any appointment ahead. I saw a dog there that looked a lot like Herbie. He even had the same lying down like Herbie. Too bad mommy didnt have her camera with her so no pix.

Soon it was my turn, mummy told the vet about my diarrhea. The vet asked if I was refusing food...nope!. Vomitting...nope. It was just runny watery stinky poop! The doctor dissappear to the back room and appear with a rectal thermometer!!!! and a muzzle!!! (mommy had warned her about my snapping problem) No mommy...what's the doctor trying to do. Get her out of my butt! My butt belongs only to me!!! MOLEST!!! But my protest fell on deaf ears. Vet took my temperature and told mom I had a slight fever.

Then the vet dissapppear to the back room again. I told's our chance. Let's get out of here before the vet comes back. But mom was again hard of hearing. She ignored my pleas and would not even take the muzzle off! The vet appeared again and this time with not one but two!! sharp pointy things!!!! The vet told mommy to hold me tight and this time mommy heard her. What's wrong with this woman! First she dont hear my pleas and when the doctor speaks she hears!!

Anyway, she held me tight but when the doctor tried to poke me with the sharp pointy things! I fought back and kicked mommy real hard. (Mummy: yup...she gave me a blue-black on my chest...ouch!) The vet told mommy she'll get somebody else to hold me and took me to the back room. Another vet attendant took me and before I could protest further...I was jabbed not once but twice!! Ouch...double ouch! The vet took me back to mommy and the appointment was over.

Vet said I had gut infection and gave me two kind of antibiotics and something
else to harden up the stool. I also had to "fast" until evening. Just now mommy feed me my dinner and I was okay. I even went down for a walk and met up with Snowball! Snowball's jie jie gave me a new toy which I promptly destroyed in less than 5 minutes...hee..hee...the Chilli everyone knows is back!!

Thanks everyone for all the concern shown!

p(ee)s...about apples...grandma only feed me cut-up seed...and it's only a sixth of an apple. So the vet dont think apples was the cause. So I still can have apples but only after I finish my medication and my stool is back to normal :)


Snowball said...

Hi Buddy,
You look really bright just now when we met.

How could you kick your mum? I guess I am more brave that you when it comes to taking jabs as I dun even move when I was poked by the needles. The vet always praise me for that!!! You got to learn to be more cool with those needles.

Remember not to be nasty to mummy when she fed you medication as I am expecting you to keep to our ice cream session next weekend.

Rest well and get well soon.


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Aw CHilli, sorry to hear you've been poorly, but glad the evil vet made you feel better.

Take care,

Katy xxx

Lorenza said...

Hi, Chilli
I really hope you are feeling better after going to the vet. I know is not fun but sometimes we need jabs and meds to make us feel better and back to normal.
Take it easy, give your mom lost of kisses and rest as much as you can!
Have a great weekend

Faya said...

Hello Chilli ! Nice to read that you feel much better....and tomorrow you will be much much better.... Kisses, Faya

3 Furballs said...

Hi Chilli,

Hope you're feeling better. It must be a terrible feeling before you saw the vet.

Take care and recover soon!
Rubie, Tiffany & Tinkerbell

Amber said...

Hey Chilli, I hope you are feeling better now. I hate going to the vet too and jabs.. Ouch.

Amber-Mae said...

Oh man, your visit to the vet was HELL! Poor you you got jabbed twice. That's gotta hurt... I hate those needle stuff. It gets me real icky & itchy! You should have kicked the vet instead of your mom. Hehehe! But GLAD to hear that you're felling much much better today. Hope no more watery poo after that...

By the way, check out what I posted today. Maybe that will help to make you feel better! Hehehe! It will make you drool...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Boo said...

hi chilli, i'm glad you are alright now.

take care!!!

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

oh chilli we hope you are feeling better very soon!!!!!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Dear Chilli, I only found out today that you got sick. I hope you're feeling better now. You sure were brave at the vet

*sending you pawsitive vibes*
~ Girl girl

Asta said...

Oh Chilli
You poow sweetie..I'm so sowwy you had to get two jabbies I'm sending extwa smoochies to help heal and feel better..the good thing about those awful medcines is they do make you better, and you'll be your self again in no time and able to enjoy youw tweats

PreciOus said...

Poor Chilli gal, I hate jabs too, they are awful. Lots of hugs to you. Glad you are feeling better. Remember to take your medicine. Do you swallow pills? Sista has to mix it with my food or cheese *yummy* cos I don't like pills. Hehe.


Scruffy said...

Sad to hear that you are still feeling poorly. But I am sure after the torture at the vet's you will get better quickly.

My Mummy is just like your Mummy at the vet. They seem to have selective hearing. I think they do it on purpose just to torture us.

The Mighty Scruff

Anonymous said...

Wow a needle - no wonder you were scared poor Chilli!

I'm so glad you are ok though.

Do you get to eat only chicken and rice - that's what I had to do when I got a runny poo infection - it was great!!

By the way I tagged you to play a new game - check out my blog for details.


Bella said...

I'm so pleased to hear that you are starting to feel better - wish for a full & speedy recovery for you.
peeS - I saw you in a pwetty dress on Snowy blog :)

Angie Tan said...

Hi chilli!!

Sorry to hear that you are sick. I hate it when I get diahorrea too.

Anyway, hope that you'll feel better, ok?


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Chilli,
We're so sorry to read that you have poopy problems too. I Butchy had bloody normal stools from being stressed about the mean thunderstorms. Your problem sounds like either you got bacteria growing from something in your intestines or apples might not agree with your insides. Snickers can't eat some things or she gets that diarrhea stuff & it gets so bad it will even get blood in it. So don't eat apples for a few days & then try them again to see if you get diarrhea. Hope you are feeling better.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers