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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Big Thank You!!!

Hiya everydoggie and GG

I wanna say a big thankyou for making my pawty a huge success! A special thanks to Asta & Stanley for bring the cake and the champagne! If I may speak for all the guest present...that is one of the best tasting cake and champagne we ever had!

Sorry for the delay in posting the "group photo" I was poofed after all that volleyball and wallymelons and bones and cake and champagne.

As while we were away pawtying...guess what happened! My bestest present came!!!

My aunty J gave birth! She had a girl human pup!! Isnt that pawsome! Now I'll have someone to share my big day with. And when human pup grows older, I'll have another playmate and not to mention all the cake I'll get when she celebrates her birthday!! hiak...hiak... I'll post the pix of the human pup later.

And now presenting....

Can you see yourself in the pix. I hope everyone had as much fun as I had.

And for more pictures of the fun...head on down to Bernard's He took some fabulous pictures of the pawty! Thanks Bernard!

And Snowball...I'll post the pix of our pawty once mommy figures out the video camera :)


Lorenza said...

Hi, Chilli
Thanks for the great party! It was awesome!
Congratulations to your Aunty J. Sure you will be happy!
Have a nice day

Katherine and Pippa, said...


I am so sorry I missed your pawty. Maybe it was because it was at the weekend and mistress is away at weekends.

It has to be mistress's fault anyway. So please accept my apols. And I am pleased you had such a brilly time.

I will try and make the next one cos I am sure there will be another won't there?


Maggie & Mitch said...

There's Mitch! He plopped himself right next to the wally melon! hehehehe
That was one GREAT pawty, Chilli! Thank you so much for inviting us!
Congratulations of the birth of the hooman pup! We can't wait to see pictures!

Love ya lots,

jaffeboy said...

Hi Chilli, sorry we missed your pawty. Happy belated adoption day.

MaMa had been super busy at work cos her boss is in town. PaPa has a bad case of conjunctivitis & it think she caught too!!!

I hope U had a fantastic time at the pawty!

Asta said...

Oh Chilli
I will tweasuwe that pictoowe and all the wondewful memowies of youw pawty!! It was the best! You awe a gweat host..those bones and wally melons wewesupew(but who injected the wallymelons with whatevew gave us the big hangovews, Hjukhjuk ,hehehe) I'm so glad evewydoggie enjoyed the cake and champews..

Congwatulations to youw auntieJ!!!that is pawsome news
smoochie kisses

Angie Tan said...

wow! that sure looks like fun!

happy belated adoption day!!!! (^ ^)


Girl Girl Hamster said...

That sure looks like a fun pawty! Congrates on the new hooman pup in your family

~ Girl girl

ToFFee said...

wow a hooman pup.. I haven't seen one yet..

will await all the pics!

love the pawty! you sure know how to throw one.. got to have lots of wallymelon!


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

So glad you had a fabulous pawty Chilli!

Katy xxx

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Oh No, we miss the pawty but we hope you had a great time.

Boy n Baby

Amber-Mae said...

Wow! What a great pawty it was ha? Sorry I couldn't make it. Oooh, CONGRATS to your Aunty J! I bet her hooman pup is a bootiful girl...You take good care of them ok?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Stanley said...

Congratulations on the new hooman pup in the family! Can't wait to see photos.

Chilli, you sure know how to throw a pawty, girl! That group photo is so cool.

I hope you are resting up from all the volleyball, beach wrasslin' and bitey face games... not to mention all the food! I hope you celebrate many many more adoption days for years to come!

Goober love & adoption day kisses,

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hmmm....seems like no one can locate me in there....

am i being too black again?

Bella said...

Hi Chilli,
Thanks for hosting such a fabulous pawty I had the best time.
I hope you had a great adoption day celebration & what a great gift to now share the special day with a special hooman pup.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pawty - it was soooooo much fun - there were so many beautiful gals there - yourself included of course!!!