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Friday, December 16, 2005

More about Chilli

Chilli oso fondly known as Chiili Dog...came into my life when she was abt 1+. I got her as a present for passing my exams. Been bugging my mom to allow us to have a dog but she always says no. Cuz that time still studying so no time to look after a dog. Singapore oso so garden, difficult to keep a dog. Not like back in Malaysia, got garden for dog to run about.

Anyway...she finally gave in and say if I pass my exams I can have a dog. About a week before results were out, I visited a friend and saw Chilli. She was in "foster-care". It belonged to my friend's nephew but because of some family problems they couldn't keep the dog. My friend and the family themselve have a dog but Chilli didn't get along with her. So when I commented I liked Chilli...they say I could have her! cut the whole long story short, I passed my exams and Chilli came to live with us. Here's the first picture taken at our place

She looks happy doesn't she?

She's a super pampered dog...loves to be "sayang" all the time. Loves to play with balls. Can play fetch really well. And the neatest trick is to "Stay" for food.

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