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Friday, December 16, 2005

Chilli says....

Now it's my turn!'s been more than 4 years since I came to live with the Teh family. They love me to bits especially Jean's mummy. She spoilts me lots.

I just need to give a little whine and she'll ask "Chilli...wat you want?" Then I'll either look in the direction of the kitchen...and she'll give me apples! MMMmmm!!! my favourite. Or else I'll look in the direction of the storeroom..where all my toys are kept and she'll fetch me my bone-bone (a rope bone) or my ball-ball. Ha..ha...I'm the best Slave Driver in the WORLD!!! Muah..ha..ha..

I love playing! If my mummy doesn't bring my toy out when we go to the park, I'll go find myself a it an empty plastic bottle or tin can, I'll turn it into a toy.

Mummy usually brings me out during the weekends, when she doesn't need to work. I'll get very excited and will practically drag her to the open field. I'm a very "kuai" (obedient) dog. So once in the open field, I can go off-leash cuz I "come" when mummy calls me. I can go on and play fetch for ages. But of course mummy wouldn't let me. She alwiz stops when she sees me panting hard. I wonder why....

On other days, it's just be a short walk and then back home to do "shuttle-run" up and down the corridor. My fav activity too! I'll just carry my stick and run up and down the corridor. Kinda like a craze dog...but I like the feel of the wind in my face and my ears will flap up and down. Kawaiii rite??

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