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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Muddy Field Day

In my earlier post, I complained about the rain and not being able to go swimming. Guess what...the rain stopped. Mummy decided to let me do something "naughty" She brought me to the field. A muddy field!!

Mummy even taught me a new game. She'll distract me by pretending to throw the ball in one direction and when I run towards that direction, she'll throw the ball in another directon and told me to "find it". It took me some time to find the ball but I'm gonna get better with more practise.

Look how muddy I got...hiak.hiak...

After the muddy field the inevitable has to happen..bath time!

Mummy had to shampoo me twice because I was so muddy :) I had so much fun the bath was worth it. Do you guys agree?


Oscar Airedale said...

Oooh, my daddy plays that ball game with me, I LOVE it!

Oscar x

Katherine and Pippa, said...


I don't like to get muddy.

And I certainly don't do bath.



Anonymous said...

Oooooh mud I'm so jealous!!! I lurve the mud - there's nothing better! The find it game is fun too!!


Peanut said...

Oh getting muddy is great fun. We love to do it here at our house to

Angie Tan said...


It's fun when it rains! However, I'm not a big fan of mud... That's why my humans call me "Cat-dog" coz I don't like water.


PreciOus said...

My sista'll get crazie if I got mud on my body. She said it's a pleasure to me but a torture to her. Geez.


Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Mudbath, mudbath there's nuttin quite like it! If ever there was a competition for dirtiest mutt, JRTs will b d frontrunners.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Chilli.
Glad you had fun there getting muddy! I like both things, mud and baths!
Have a nice day

Amber said...

I bet is fun to play in the mud. That's a nice muddy field. I don't like my baths, mommy will blow me with some kind of hot-air-blowing-thingy.

Joe Stains said...

I have never been that muddy in my whole entire life!!!

Bella said...

Yes we totally agree & don't even mind playing in the rain in the mud - running free with abandon and chasing a ball is the best.

billiejean said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your blog, you are having loads of fun!

Billie Jean

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Oh you had a really big fun! So a bath was nothing! Hugs!

Ume said...

wahhhh... your Mummy so nice to let u have a mud bath! my Jiejie freaks at the sight of mud, n i'm not even a white dog! *roll eyes*

ohhh... i'm scrutinizing the pic, Chilli, it's a toughie! i'll submit my ans b4 the deadline!

3 Furballs said...

That looked like real fun! I wish I could join you cos I love to rub myself on the grass hee hee. I'm sure I'll have no problems getting cosy on that mud.