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Sunday, July 29, 2007

A sad day....

Today it is a sad day for me. I learned that my friend

Oscar has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. He got very sick in a very short time and then he was gone.

I've enjoyed reading his blog so very much. He was such a sweet boy and a clever one too!

Goodbye Oscar...I hope you'll have lotsa fun over at Rainbow Bridge meeting up with FuFu and the rest of your doggie buddies.


Jake of Florida said...

Hi Chilli,

We share the sadness.

It was good to meet you on the chat today -- didn't realize you too were a terrier!!

Jake and Just Harry

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Thank you for your lovely tribute. We are hurting so so badly now and just cannot understand why our healthy bouncy puppy had to go so soon and so fast. Knowing how much he was loved and will be missed is some comfort. When we are a little less sad we will update his blog so please call by.

Katy and Martin xxx

Lorenza said...

Oscar was a great friend for all of us. We will miss him so much
Take care

PreciOus said...

Oscar will be deeply missed.. *Hugs*


Maggie said...

Oscar was just the best! We miss him so much Chilli! I still can't imagine a day going by without reading his blog.

Love ya lots,

Ume said...

i havent been in the mood to blog since i knew abt Oscar's departure. it's too sad... he will be deeply missed.

Jigga and Venus said...

We are sorry to hear about Oscar. Our condolences go out to his parents and friends.

Ferndoggle said...

We are all so very sad about Oscar. It makes all of our DWB buddies more important. To Support each other when things are sad.

Kisses to you Chili.